Saturday, September 10, 2011

Everyday Is A New Day!!

Its been said that Everyday is a new day, but with same routine especially for the students School of Education, DAVV, Indore. Still everyday is a new day because here too we need to follow different timetable, every new day we need to rearrange our bag and every new day we try to find out some free time so that we can at least have a feel of a college life..... With the coming of a new day, we feel who will blast a bomb on our head at this new day.... Every day our teachers say to us you need to work harder and harder and harder and harder.... With every single test on a new day we tremble and after the test we tremble more......

But, we love School of Education, DAVV, Indore..... Every new day we get ready with a curiosity for what we are going to learn with this new day... With a new day we feel about the intensity of our capacities and capabilities too.... Every new day our teachers make us feel special when they notice our each and every little flaw... Every day we think of learning something new with a different way, more analytically and comparatively.... Every new day our teachers try to occupy a free period to teach us and make our syllabus complete.... Every day we feel proud to be a part of School of Education.....

So, I tink its absolutely correct to say that EVERYDAY IS A NEW DAY!


  1. Need to call a bomb disposal squad in School of Education every day!!
    May you bloom into a seasoned blogger!

  2. Ha ha... No Sir, students have found a safer shell @ SOE... Library!.... n Thank U!